LOVE Stories

LOVE Christian Clearinghouse is blessed in knowing that it makes a difference. Here are some stories.


"We at LOVE are very grateful for all the support we have received throughout the year from generous people like you.   It is good to know that we can count on your support to continue to serve the needy in DuPage County."

We recently received a very touching thank you note from someone we recently helped.  She wrote, “I can’t say thank you enough for tangibly showing me the Love of God.  I have never fallen on hard times before. Because of people like you, I got back on my feet and even started a business this summer.  Thank you so much!”   It is notes like this that make our work here at LOVE all the more enjoyable.  To know that our help got someone back on their feet and productive again is very rewarding. At the same time, it reaffirms our faith in God. 

Another note we received was simply stated, but was just as appreciated.  A young man we helped with rent wrote, “Thank you again for all your help.  I don’t know what I would have done without it.  I’m grateful.”   Again, reaffirmation for our work here and our belief in God. 

We were able to help a single woman who had major health problems.  She was spending the majority of her Social Security benefits on a special diet. This put her behind in her rent.  We were able to provide $300 in rental assistance.  We received a heartfelt thank you from her.  She stated that her health has improved and she will be able to spend less money for her special diet.  She said, "May God bless everyone on your staff."

You, too, can be part of making a difference in people's lives in our community. Contact us, make a donation of financial contribution, give of your time and talents.
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Serving DuPage County, Illinois 

 Our mission is to mobilize the local church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. LOVE is a partnership of many local Christian churches, working together to unify the church around our neighbors in need.

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